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Roman Numeral Conversion

I'm glad we still don't use Roman Numerals because it would be very difficult to figure out our mortgage payments if we did. Could you imagine how much totlal principal on your mortgage would be in Roman Numbers? Even monthly payments are big numbers as far as the ancient sysyem of Roman Numerals are concerned. Usually, the bigest number we use this numbering system for today is the year. By the way, the year is MMXII. Anyway...

This Roman numerical conversion calculator converter will convert a Roman numeral into a decimal number or it will convert a decimal number into a Roman numeral.

Roman SculptureIt is very easy to operate. Any decimal number you would like to convert to a Roman numeral, simply enter this number in the decimal box and click convert.

Likewise, if you have a Roman numeral and you would like to know what decimal number it represents, simply enter that Roman numeral in the Roman numeral box and click convert.

This converter will convert any number within reason. For instance, the largest number a single Roman numeral letter represents is 1000. 1000 is represented by the letter M. So, if you want to convert a very large number, such as 1 billion, you will end up seeing thousands of M's in the Roman numeral box.

Of course, that many letters will not fit in the box. So, you will not be able to read that particular converted number.

As Roman Numerals Go - 1000 Is
Really, Really Big!

Probably, the largest Roman numeral you would need to convertRoman Column would be a year. For instance, you may want to see what number the Roman numeral at the end of an old TV show represents.This is one of the main uses for this converter.

You can also find out what year some year well out of the future will look like in Roman numeral form.

This is true even if the year is something like 6451. This converter isn't, however, made to convert numbers such as the national debt.

Roman Number Calculator Fixes Errors

This Roman numeral conversion calculator is also very effective at correcting Roman numbers that are entered incorrectly. For instance, if you were to enter IVXXX in the bottom box ("Correct a Roman Numeral") the converter would recognize it as a mistake and change it to XXXIV, which is the decimal number 34.

Of course, if someone enters gibberish in this box the converter will not be effective correcting it. However, if you enter in common mistakes that are made when dealing with Roman numerals, this converter will fix the number for you.

When entering decimal or "Arabic" numbers (decimal numbers are numbers used in our current Arabic system), do not include any comas. Instead of entering 1,952 enter 1952. By the way, this particular number will end up reading MCMLII in the Roman numeral box. If you do happen to enter a coma by mistake the converter will read it as an input error. In such a case, simply erase the coma and click convert once again.

For your convenience a reset button has been added. Clicking this button will simply erase any and all of the entries in all the boxes in the converter.



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