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Roman ScenesRoman numeral translation teaches the basics of Roman number conversion along with how to read and write and understand the Roman numbering system.


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Translating Roman numerals into the Arabic, or decimal system that we use today is actually very easy. There are a few basic rules that one must learn in order to understand how to read and how to write Roman numerals. Starting with the very basics of the Roman number system is learning what each Roman numeral letter represents an hour decibel system. These letters are as follows: I = 1 V = 5 X = 10 L = 50 C = 100 D = 500 M = 1000


Another concept that must be understood is a there are never more than three cnsecutive letters in any Roman numeral. This rule does not apply to the M. For instance the letter M represents 1000 and the only way the number 5000 could be written is by MMMMM. The reason for this is; back when the Roman Empire ruled the world, the number 1000 was very, veryAncient Roman high. It was thought of as sort of a ceiling that would never be penetrated. So, when thinking of Roman Numerals, think in terms of any modern year as being as high of a number that would ever be represented by them.


The video below will shine a little light on how to read, write and most of all understand Roman numerals.


Remember the basics of Roman numeral translation; when a small letter follows a number that represents a number larger than it, these numbers are added to it. When a smaller letter, for instance I precedes a larger letter, for instance X, the number subtracts from it.

There is never more than one or V in any Roman numeral. There is never more than one letter L in any Roman numeral. There is never more than one letter C in the Roman number system.

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